What kind of business can proxy IP help us do?

China, 31st Oct 2022,  With the advent of the era of big data, mass collection of network platform data has become an indispensable way for people to obtain data. If you want to collect platform data efficiently and stably without being blocked by the website, you need to hide your own IP address through proxy IP.

Commercial use of proxy IP.
1.Crawlers crawl data
Using crawlers to crawl data has become the mainstream data acquisition method at present. When crawlers are running, they often encounter obstacles from website anti-crawling measures. Proxy IP can easily solve this problem. Through the background configuration, the user can provide a different IP address for each crawler access, so that the website server cannot detect the real identity of the crawler, so as to achieve efficient data acquisition.

2.SEO monitoring optimization.
Many companies will use the Internet to promote their products and promote them through keywords related to products and brands. This requires the use of a large number of accounts to optimize operations to improve the ranking of target keywords. If these accounts are sent from the same IP address, there is a high probability that they will be directly banned. You can use the proxy IP to match different IP addresses for these accounts. By setting the switching frequency of the IP address, the IP address of the account will also be switched every time the account is switched. 

3.Social Media Marketing.
When enterprises conduct social media platform marketing, they usually need to register a large number of accounts. Social platform registration requires not only independent account information, but also independent IP addresses, which will cost a lot of money. With the help of proxy IP, the financial problem can be easily solved.

What common network problems can a proxy IP solve?
1.Leakage of personal information.
When accessing the network, the local IP address of the device is generally used, which sometimes leads to privacy leakage. In serious cases, data will be intercepted by criminals, resulting in economic losses. You can use a highly anonymous proxy IP to cover the real IP to avoid the risk of privacy leakage. Effective Protect network information security.

2.Device IP is blocked.
When accessing a webpage, applying for an account or playing a game, the current IP is often restricted, and a prompt of being denied access to the target website appears. This is because the same IP address is frequently used for network operations, resulting in the device IP being blocked by the website .You can use the proxy IP to change the IP address of the online device, bypass the detection of the target server, and solve the problem of limited device IP.

3.Network latency.
When surfing the Internet, you often encounter the phenomenon of network disconnection or delay, which has a great impact on daily network usage and entertainment experience. Using proxy IP for network connection can allow network data to be quickly transmitted through the proxy server and reduce network delay, to optimize network speed.

Why choose IPIDEA?
IPIDEA provides high-quality big data proxy services for users all over the world, gathers global pure IP resources, 90 million IP proxy pools, covers more than 220 countries and regions, and has reached in-depth cooperation with more than 10,000 companies.

1. Faster speed: Residential proxies are billed in the form of traffic, unlimited bandwidth, fast response, and support HTTP/HTTPS/Socks5 protocols.
2. Higher security: All traffic is strictly routed through the IPIDEA proxy network to ensure a stable running proxy server, and data capture will not be interrupted.
3. Higher quality: continue to expand IP coverage, update IP resources daily, and ensure high-quality proxy services.

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