Defungify launches game development plugins for In-Game NFTs – What gamers, developers, and investors should know

Calling all game developers looking to connect to the blockchain, with an NFT game here or on the way!

Game developers can access an easy to use system to integrate NFTs into their game. It’s done with their game engine plugins, or an API, and allows game developers to easily query an NFT from the blockchain.

Defungify offers cutting edge tools for developers to make great NFT games, while Defungify does the hard work on the blockchain side,” says Christopher Curra, founder of Defungify. “Each game developer will be allowed to set their own restrictions.”

Every blockchain operates differently, and their technology isn’t trivial to integrate with. If switching is decided, the game developer would be essentially starting from scratch. Once Defungify is installed, jumping chains is easy, or use multiple chains in one game. It’s a way to futureproof the game so it has the best chance of success long term.

Defungify opposes proof of work and chooses to only allow proof of stake, or similar blockchains. “Defungify believes in Ethereum’s proof of stake movement, and chooses to believe Ethereum will follow through. Defungify cannot allow digital ownership to destroy the environment for future generations,” says Jules Brown, Defungify’s lead engineer.

As a building block to the metaverse, Defungify will take on the burden of integrating directly with the blockchain so developers can focus on building the next best game. “We don’t have customers, we have partners. Defungify is here to help,” says Christopher.

When an NFT leaves the hands of the creator, the receiver has full control over, and can resell the NFT. Any marketplace that integrates with the blockchain can be used to resell that NFT.

Additionally, once the gamer has received the NFT, that gamer has full and complete control over that NFT. It can never be taken away.

The indie game scene has been the best source of games in recent years. A good indie developer can make high quality games just like the big studios. Listing all the games is impossible, there’s too many. Defungify isn’t exclusive to Indie games. “Defungify doesn’t discriminate on size. Teams of all shapes and sizes are welcome all the same,” says Jules.

Defungify allows the release of games that pay people to play. Imagine spending hours in a game and getting a legendary drop that could sell for real money! The future of games may just be the next big gold rush!

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