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New York, United States, 5th May 2022, In recent years, the concept of metaverse goes viral and stands at a significant position in the investment in 2022. metaverse is normally defined as digital reality and functioned with social media, online game, AR, VR, etc. Simply, metaverse is a virtual space paralleling real world and focuses on digitalization and may involve all aspects of human life in the future, and moreover, it formed a complete and recycling system gradually. 

As we all known, many international enterprises are involved in metaverse, including ByteDance, Spotify, Zoom, Twitch, Alibaba, Roblox, Bilibili, Snapchat, Huawei, etc. With a general view to fields relevant to metaverse, three most relative ones are VR, game and NFT. Nowadays, metaverse is trendy and NFT is bursting out strong momentum and become investment tuyere. 

The full name of NFT is Non-Fungible Tokens and often translated into unhomogenized tokens or irreplaceable tokens in Chinese. NFT is an entry of block-chai, one of encrypted currencies and conforms to non-fungible tokens of ERC721 discipline. In 2021, NFT went viral due to its exaggerated utilization rate and selected as annual vocabulary of Collins Dictionary.

There is investor says that the year of 2021 is the year of NFT. In the first half of 2021, NFT’s whole market value increased by 310 fold compared with that of 2018. By August 2021, OpenSea, the largest NFT transaction platform around the world, achieved five times as high as it has reached in 2020. According to data of Collins, NFT’s utilization rate increased by 110,000% in 2021. Moreover, NFT is given great expectation in the market in 2022 and regarded as economic foundation of metaverse. NFT is entering to more and more fields and expanding inclusive market. 

 As NFT market booms, BOA, Coinbase (largest encrypted currency transaction platform of the US) and many other authoritative institutions released newest report which proves the coming of large-scaled bull market of NFT and DeFi industry. The tremendous potential dividend of market making profits attracted massive investors and created abundant investment and business opportunity. 

What is different from traditional encrypted currency market is that NFT is a niche market, NFT’s creator and purchaser both rely on efficacy created by technology, which makes sales genuine, unchangeable and one and only. In other words, the valye NFT created is efficacy-driven not fully market-driven. Once NFT’s market occupation arrives mainstream level, the gap between market-driven value and efficacy-driven value will shrink. 

Undeniably, any new thing’s generation and development should undergo the process of being weak to strong. Any new theory or birth of new subject will be always doubted and even negated by many people at the beginning as same as NFT. NFT’s development is not accomplished in one move but full of hardships and doubts. Although gold will glitter forever and NFT did create giant profits for partial investors, it is still at primary stage. There would be a series of challenges if it intends to occupy a wider market. 

As for normal creators and small brands, NFT is characterize by high threshold as a niche market, and can even not entered. Moreover, its operation is complex, excludes control right and costly, which are underestimated issues. How to make these middle and small creators cast, release and sell tokens without paying out of the pocket, and acquire gain at premise of not breaking block-chain reform and basic philosophy of decentralization is a current stumbling block. 

Therefore, seeking for another decentralized solution and letting NFT creators to establish liquid for NFT products to achieve the purpose of sale to gain the profits of market making in a simple and convenient manner have become an urgent problem for most of investors. 

To this end, NFTCreat——metaverse NFT liquid agreement aggregate financial platform, is created and practitioner and pioneer of providing decentralized services for physical industry and commerce fields with the aid of its obvious advantages. 

In order to comply with decentralized creator economy and lower entry threshold, NFTCreat is determined to be open to everyone, hence middle and small investors can also take part in and user group becomes greater. NFTCreat helps creators to add liquidity to NFT digital assets. Creators just need to pour liquid assets in liquid mine pool, combine with theory and technology of NFTCreat and rely on creators to gain reward and dividend. Besides, NFTCreat provide users with access to DeFi whose rising popularity is synchronized with popularization of economic decentralized solution of emerging creators. 

NFTCreat achieves economic ecology in an unique manner, and provides effective and extended solution by the lowest price to gain periodical profits brought from AMM mine pool without any operation or secondary charges. Additionally, users can enjoy linear released overlying profits of AMM liquid mine pool and truly realize one investment and double profits. That is the ultimate chance for us to commonly become the market leader. 

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