Current and Future of NFTCreat Liquidity Pool in the Era of Metaverse

New York, United States, 5th May, Since 2021, metaverse came to the public in an overwhelmingly brand-new manner. The so-called metaverse technology, projects and emergence of metaverse will change people’s way of recognizing the world and arouse profound change of lifestyle. It pushes users to usher a new digital era by its virtually symbiotic experience.

The development of metaverse is unavoidable in this era.

Metaverse is normally defined as a digital reality and functioned with social media, online game, AR, VR, etc. Many people’s mind still stops at fantasy when it comes to metaverse. Actually, that’s not the case. The era is developing and metaverse is not completely fantastic. 

First of all, the pandemic is rampant around the world, which stimulates booming development of digital economy. People’s usage and reliance on internet is evident and virtual world has become an essential part in people’s day life. Secondly, the rapid development of technology and gradual maturity of AI, block-chain, big data and 5G, the wide application of metaverse will be a necessary trend of development in the future. Additionally, the trend of technology and economy will be deeply and completely integrated with digitalization from the perspective of human development prospects. As the carrier of combined virtualization and reality, metaverse will involve all facets of people’s life in the future. Besides, many famous international companies’ great investment speeds up technological maturity and implementation of metaverse from the perspective of investment, such as ByteDance, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

It can be seen than metaverse is around the corner and materially renovating all aspects of human society. The appearance of metaverse will configure and promote technological innovation and finally realize deep integration of virtual world and real world. Metaverse will be the greatest all-time subversion to our lifestyle. In recent years, the prosperous development of metaverse industry, increasing maturity and popularization of relevant technology and equipment also make metaverse a new direction of research of more and more technology and subjects. In the future, metaverse may provide various entertainment or career opportunities in the future.

According to the report of Bloomberg, metaverse’s revenue in 2024 will close to $800 billion and was $500 billion in 2020. In 2024, the revenue of online game producers and game hardware will outpace $400 billion, while entertainment and social will occupy the rest (around $400 billion)

Metaverse integrates with AR, VR, 5G, block-chain and AI, and includes NFT, gamefi, Web3.0 and other concepts. Seemly, internet contains internet finance, mobile payment, out-take, etc. Of which, NFT is non-fungible Token and plays an essential role in identity, social community and social experience of metaverse. As a value carrier, metaverse is like a bridge between real world and digital world.

There are all sorts of assets in metaverse, which will be unique once BFT is certified. As NFT can be transacted, assets of metaverse is possessed with values of real world, which means everything of metaverse can be digitalized. NFT transformed virtual thing of metaverse into assets, made transaction of virtual things possible and promoted NFT into assets entity of data, thus, achieving value flow of data. NFT is set up on the block-chain and uses underlying software like many other encrypted currencies to code. Every NFT is differentiated by one and only IC code and metadata, hence NFT is more reliable and safer.

The investment bank Jefferies predicts that NFT’s revenue will outpace $35 billion by 2022 and $80 billion by 2025. From here we can see that NFT will be mainstream as a part of digital economy in the future, occupying various online markets including game economy, virtual real estate and even Facebook and other social platforms.

In the virtual era of metaverse, creator’s NFT assets are placed in AMM mine pool on the basis of physical value of real world, employs block-chain to empower physical economy and operates above the block-chain. Moreover. They use NFT as confirmation of rights available to virtual and real worlds to interconnect real and virtual worlds, reach the value application, promote economy of information profits and magnify efficacy of information assets. Whereas, NFTCreat Liquidity Poole metaverse of NFT liquid agreement aggregate financial platform can exactly make market according to creators and liquidity and pour liquid assets into NFT liquid mine pool, so as to simply and effectively bring interests to creators and investors, enjoying dividend of AMM mine pool.

NFTCreat Liquidity Pool metaverse of NFT liquid agreement aggregate financial platform needs low investment cost and users can participate in NFT’s earnings of market making and earning distribution, acquire dividend and enjoy value-added earning after a successful investment. Besides, the smart contract based on block-chain can eradicate trust issues, decrease cost and improve efficiency without participation or warranty of the third-party. In the meantime, because block-chain’s data cannot be deleted and revised but added, hence non-tampering ensures historical traceability and smart contract effective and safe operation. As a result, users can acquire reliable, sustainable and transparent assets ownership and realize economic profits at lowest cost in virtual world.

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