Openspace Liquidity Protocol, what is the future trend?

United States, 30th Apr 2022, As NFT platform and block-chain technology develop fast, metaverse is possibly a key factor of changing operational way of society and commerce.

Let’s view how worldwide start-ups utilize NFT, block-chain and metaverse to speed up their development.

Metaverse comes with an overwhelming trend:

Metaverse is normally defined as a digital reality. It is combined with social media, online game, AR, VR and many other technologies and functions.

In the future, metaverse is may providing various entertainments or working opportunities.

According to the Bloomberg’s report, metaverse’s income in 2024 will approach to USD800 billion, while the counterpart was 500 billion in 2020. It is estimated that the income in online game producers and game hardware will outpace USD400 billion, while entertainment and social media will occupy the rest, about USD400 billion.  

Metaverse is the next large technology platform which attracted online game producers, social platforms and technology leaders to occupy this rapidly growing market.

Metaverse will be characterized by freeing from space, strong experience and free access. It focuses on digitalization and may involve entertainment, social and working, etc. I predict that metaverse will establish a complete ecological system for developers, application programs, advertising and new digits.

At present, metaverse’s true shareholders include Meta, ByteDance, Spotify, Zoom, Twitch, Alibaba, Roblox and Snapchat.

Facebook changed its name into Meta and invested USD10 billion to metaverse in 2021. In the meantime, Apple Inc will promote a metaverse with AR glasses, and Microsoft who is holding Microsoft Teams and games will be the most advanced company in metaverse field. WeChat’s improvement in payment and access is the primary step of being a metaverse application program.

The influence of NFT platform is increasingly great.

NFT is a digitala object: computer code and data conveying ownership.

Assets would be digitalized, such as virtual real estate or special equipment of video games. Perhaps, assets would be real, such as real estate, a drawing or a place in concert. Probably, NFT is the integration of both, such as the right of dominating room.

Physical world and digital world collide continuously, which brings more expectation to public on the prospect of NFT.

Investment bank Jefferies predicts that NFT’s income will outpace USD35 billion in2022 and USD80 billion in 2025. This bank regards digital asset as an emerging technology and suggested clients to invest in more fields including video game, toys, social media company, etc.

NFT will be increasingly popularized in film, TV programs and books.

NFT is a part of digital economy and will be the mainstream as it allows previously uncontrollable things like an artwork or a role. Digital economy is consisted of various online markets including game economy, virtual real estate, even Facebook and many other social media platforms.

NFT’s development trend is globally unprecedented, which laid a solid foundation for following development.

In 2021, metaverse turned to be an online buzzword; in 2022, its popularity keeps rising. As a new favorite in investment field and technology circle, “metaverse” is pursued by market as a technological concept and rising day by day. Whatever you are willing or not metaverse era is around the corner. Indeed, we are already living in the metaverse to some extend but we aren’t aware at all. In the virtual financial world dominated by metaverse, how to share a slice of cake and realize brand-new profits? We especially interviewed relevant agents of Openspace.

According to the introduction of OpenSpecec’s agents, in the virtual era of metaverse, creators put NFT assets in AMM mine pool, underpin the real value of real world and utilize block-chain technology to empower the real economy and operate above the block-chain. They use SFT as conformation of rights universal in virtuality and reality to interconnect reality and virtuality, reach the value of application, promote economy of information profits and magnify efficacy of information assets.

On this basis, Openspace – metaverse NFT liquid agreement of aggregate financial management platform came into the world and became practitioner and pioneer of providing decentralized service in the industrial field.

As metaverse NFT liquid agreement of aggregate financial management platform, Openspace is low-cost and low-threshold. Hence, creators can gain periodical income from AMM mine pool without any operations and second cost if they pour liquid assets in NFT liquid mine pool. Moreover, creators can enjoy overlying profits of linear release of AMM liquid mine pool to realize “one investment, double incomes”.

As the conception of metaverse matures gradually, many investors have gained tremendous profits. In the future, metaverse is expected to experience new rising wave. Grasping the major direction, following up general trend and treat metaverse in the long-term view, then reward will eventually come true.

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