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The application of Coinlist blockchain technology in various fields

New York, United States, 24th Apr 2022, King NewsWire, Today, with the development of social big data, blockchain has achieved remarkable results in data sharing, industry regulation, public transportation, ETC, autonomous driving, public servicesand etc.This is an era where opportunities and challenges coexist. Meanwhile, blockchain is also facing huge challenges in all walks of life.

Blockchain has various difficulties in different industries. For example, there are two major problems in data sharing. On one hand, there are difficulties in data integration. On the other hand, there are bottlenecks in big data technology. These two factors restrict the combination of blockchainwith big data. Coinlist Exchange Platform

Secondly, there are various problems in industry supervision. On one hand, it is the eligibility for participation in industries such as online car-hailing and takeaways. On the other hand, it is difficult to inspect illegal operations. And finally, it is difficult to obtain evidence for illegal operations.

Then, in terms of public transportation, the combination of blockchain and public transportation is restricted due to the difficulty of information security and the difficulty in formulating industry standards.

In terms of ETC, how to ensure the integrity of ETC charging data, how to ensure the security of the ETC system settlement center, and how to deal with the redundancy of funds in the networking center is still unclear, which restricts the combination and development of the two. Coinlist Exchange Platform

There are problems at all levels when it comes to autonomous driving.On one hand, the prevention of data information security faces severe challenges. On the other hand, there are also various problems to be solved in terms of the low efficiency of searching data in massive databases, and the lack of unified standards for data encryption and transmission.

At present(Coinlist Exchange Platform), the application scenarios of blockchain are mainly divided into blockchain + highway free flow charging, Coinlist Blockchain Technology has carried out data backup and storage step by step; blockchain + logistics supply chain finance, Coinlist Blockchain Technology needs to provide financial statements within a certain period of time, and ensure the rationality and authenticity of the financial statements; blockchain + transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement;blockchain + credit transportation, Coinlist Blockchain Technology can seamlessly and completely act on various other modern transportation integrated business methods in the society through integrated transportation, to improve its overall transportation efficiency, modern transportation business overall efficiency, service level and logistics operation management quality.Coinlist Blockchain Technology single business system increasing is an important operation support service part of the other two systems in the construction of the entire container multimodal international combined cargo transportation system.It will have a great impact on the comprehensive operation efficiency evaluation of the logistics system construction and operation management, on the system operation and on the service efficiency guarantee and quality level improvement in the future to realize the business operation of international multimodal transportation of goods and domestic combined transportation; blockchain + multimodal transport electronic bill of lading; blockchain + logistics traceability; blockchain + finance, blockchain + various scenarios, etc, Coinlist Blockchain Technology uses the intelligent parking lot system based on the intelligent blockchain platform to realize real-time planning and control management of the parking lot path of the intelligent shared parking facilities and realize the intelligent automatic queuing reservation of parking spaces.

At present, blockchain has a wide range of application scenarios, but there are also many problems to be solved in different aspects. The development of blockchain has broad prospects, and the state and relevant departments should increase investment to promote further development. Coinlist Exchange Platform

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