Can led tube work with ballast?

Shenzhen, China, 20th Apr 2022, King NewsWire, Everyone knows that foreign labor is very expensive! Few people will bypass the ballast and rewiring in order to switch to compatible LED tubes. Therefore, the Led tube work with ballast products come out, which can be used to directly replace traditional fluorescent lamps .

direct wire led tube fluorescent replacement

Led tube work with ballast (ballast compatible led tube) advantages: 

1. Specially solve the problem of not understanding the circuit diagram. Even if you are a novice in the circuit, you can change the LED tube by hand. That is, the fool-like installation we often talk about, which is truly the LED lamp of ordinary people.

2. From the outside, it looks like ordinary LED tubes, and the label will indicate compatible LED tubes. Fits almost any lamp holder used. It can be applied to domestic ballasts, as well as Philips, Osram, Sanxiong Aurora, Panasonic lighting and other brand ballasts.

  1. Another advantage is that when it is necessary to replace traditional lamps in batches, only a few people are needed to quickly solve the problem of changing LED lamps, which greatly saves labor. This is especially true in today’s high labor costs. On this point, foreigners are deeply touched. Therefore, even if the price of compatible LED lamps is slightly higher, it is more popular to export compatible lamps to the European, American and Japanese markets.

Technical characteristics:

  1. The power supply of the product adopts a wide voltage input: 100-277AC (50/60Hz), which fully conforms to the general power input range

2. Compatible with instant start electronic ballasts and inductive ballasts at the same time (need to remove the starter).

3. With: short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, over temperature protection and other protection systems; high power, good stability; especially suitable for domestic and foreign long-term work (supermarkets, shopping malls, factories, offices, etc.) places .

T5 T8 LED tubes are compatible LED tubes. Because they have to adapt to the high voltage generated when the electronic ballast is started, the power requirements must be high. Generally, electronic components with higher withstand voltage are used, so compared to The price of ordinary led tube is much higher. But compared to foreign labor, it is still cheap, so this compatible LED tube market is large and it is very popular with foreigners. 

Benwei brand compatible LED tube meets the requirements, welcome to consult.

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