Quadrifolium Is Soon Launching CryptoClovers, as the world’s largest, community-driven NFT collection with 999.999 items

Paris, France — First lucky charm non-fungible tokens CryptoClovers have the potential to enter Guinness World Record as the largest NFT collection. To achieve the milestone, Quadrifolium is building a community that can come together to mint and collect a million items in exchange for rewards.

Quadrifolium is the latest Binance Smart Chain baby. It is an Ecological NFT marketplace that has been created by a talented team of developers led by Tib Pey, a French designer, and IT Director to compete with the giants like Opensea, bringing low sales fees and low minting fees among many other benefits on the table.

As part of its grand launch, Quadrifolium intends to gain traction by showcasing its own “CryptoClovers” collection. It is the native platform’s collection that is now about to get examined by the Guinness World Records as the world’s most extended NFT collection.

Talking about what makes CryptoClovers so special, Tib said “ CryptoClovers are the first lucky charm non-fungible tokens to be introduced on a blockchain. It gathers 999.999 unique collectible pieces of crypto art representing humanized four-leaf clovers exuding positive energy.

He further added, “Just like cryptocurrencies replaced fiat currencies, Quadrifolium had the idea to make the lucky clovers become digital.

As everybody may know, four-leaf clovers are rare variations of the common three-leaf clovers. Many people believe that they are associated with good luck, and placing them in wallets attracts fortune. Keeping up with the tradition, Quadrifolium introduced the CryptoClovers to digitally replace four-leaf clovers, covering  3 crucial aspects:

1. They look alike.

2. They are transferable to crypto wallets.

3. They really spread luck.

This being said, Quadrifolium has developed the lucky charm tokens to attract fortune but for real. With the well-elaborated royalty smart contracts, CryptoClovers minters and collectors will get rewarded with passive income each time their art tokens are sold. They will also receive free NFTs from the platform’s giveaways to make sure their portfolio increases, making CryptoClovers more powerful than “real-life” four-leaf clovers.

In order to bring global awareness and make CryptoClovers a success story, Quadrifolium is calling both minters and collectors to help achieve the Guinness World Record. From June 1st, 2022 anyone will be allowed to mint and collect the largest NFT collection on Cryptoclovers.io. As a reward for paying for gas fees and introducing the items to the blockchain, the marketplace will distribute royalties up to 10% and promote a $10M worth of NFTs giveaway by randomly transferring 100k CryptoClovers among all wallets that contributed to minting and collecting the first lucky charm tokens of the history.

To learn more about the project, visit: cryptoclovers.io

About CryptoClovers

Quadrifolium’s CryptoClovers are the first lucky charm tokens to be revealed on any blockchain. There are 999.999 collectible pieces of art in total. They are digital four-leaf clovers being represented as humanized characters.

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