Amid Ukrainian Crisis, New Ukraine Coin Aims to Rebuild The City With World’s Support

Kyiv, Ukraine — The community-driven project NUC is a decentralized, all-in-one ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain, which has become one of the fastest-growing and safest Blockchain protocols globally.

The actions of the global community amid the Ukraine Russia war, where 141 countries openly showed their solidarity with Ukraine on 2 March in the UN General Assembly, have shown that there is no place for barbaric aggression in today’s civilized society. Buoyed by the global community’s efforts, New Ukraine Coin/NUC is now developing its own unique NFT based virtual cities that will financially connect the decentralized community.

Power-packed with features like Staking, NFT Marketplace, Rewards, Multiple Blockchain in the future, and NFT holding under a single platform, the new metaverse project aims to be one of a kind that will combine the meta world with the physical world and will allocate 30% of the total funds towards the relocation of Ukraine citizens affected by the war.

After allocation, the rest of the NUC coins will be distributed to the contributors. There are also plans to develop a decentralized design application and list the NUC coin on major exchanges worldwide. The contributors will have a voting right on the development of the city and will get three options on the location of the city. The development of the staking app will be the next step in progress. This will be followed by the development of the metaverse, which will exactly represent the Ukraine cities and will enable land sale auctions.

Once built, the metaverse version will be applied to the physical world version of the city and voted designs of the individual will be put into action to build a city that will have a twin version in the metaverse. This will support the relocation of former citizens to new cities where new jobs will be made available. The project’s main aim is to win the war economically by rebuilding the lives of Ukrainian citizens.

A key spokesperson for the company was quoted as saying, “NUC is the most advanced humanitarian national project that will double up as a great investment opportunity as well. Those who missed out on the metaverse hype now have a golden chance once again to get involved in the meta world theme at the lowest possible price.”

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