The world’s first TaaU NFT launches mid April

Amsterdam, Norah Holland, Netherlands The, 5th Apr 2022, King News Wire, The Pirate Treasure is an NFT brand that buries worldwide treasure. They claim to be the very first Treasure as a Utility – TaaU – NFT in the world. Just as pirates used to bury their valuables, this NFT brand is doing exactly that, but instead of using ancient treasure maps, they’re using modern day blockchain technology to hide and distribute their locations or clues.

The pirate skull
The image of the token shows the dreaded pirate skull. The skull is a collectible item with its own traits and properties, but the value is in the unlockable content. Each NFT holds the key to a real life treasure quest. Some point out locations, others give clues. 

Silver, gold, valuables and a MILLION DOLLAR treasure chest
The brand has buried real treasure such as silver and gold, but is also burying alternative valuables such as collectibles in the form of post stamps, trading cards, comic books, antiques, etc.  

‘The more NFT’s we’re able to trade, the more treasure we’re able to bury. In the end, we want to bury a one million dollar treasure chest,’ says brand marketeer Matthew Bolt.

Exact coordinates and clues
As of April 2022, The Pirate Treasure has left buried treasure in 9 European countries, but they’re set on burying treasure worldwide. With a successful launch the team plans to start burying treasure in North America as of July 2022. 

It’s exciting and fun 
Finding treasure is not only about the loot, but also about fun and games. The Pirate Treasure should be about excitement and joy rather than bounty, but then again, who wouldn’t want a chance to find thousands of dollars worth of silver and gold? It makes the hunt so much more intriguing. 

25 year roadmap
Since the founders are in their mid and late thirties, they expect to continue this project for 25 year until they are ready to retire. They have set out their roadmap to finish the project in 2047, unless a new captain takes over the ship. 

The Pirate Treasure NFT is set to launch the 15th of April 2022. 

Find out more about The Pirate Treasure: 

Twitter: @piratetreat
Instagram: @the.pirate.treasure

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