BOP liquidity mining aggregation wealth management platform

Thailand, 5th Apr 2022, King News Wire, In the industry of block-chain, with increasing maturity of liquid mining and distribution and circulation of encrypted currency, diverse and opened encrypted currency market is formed. Taking an overall view to the whole market, the major form is mining. At present, there is formed scaled ecological industry chain in block-chain industry, mining pool, fund, media, developer community, etc. As an emerging industry, the rapid development of mining has come true. Meanwhile, there are some problems in mining industry though it is an industry requiring low threshold, such as exponential rise of difficulty of mining, opaque data, great consumption of energy and expensive access cost. All these problems made many investors step back. Against such background,BOP liquidity mining aggregate wealth management platform came into being.. BOP is a new and diverse liquid mining service platform, and has professional core algorithm of capital liquidity, highly expansive custom service and strong support of team-building technology. 


BOP Official White Paper

Note: The content of this article is referenced in the authoritative, professional and advanced official BOP white paper. (And as an aside, white papers are an important criterion for judging projects, and the official white papers released by the BOP are already quite dominant in the DeFi market with their brevity, clarity and precise capture of pain points.)

It is based on mainstream digital assets like ETH mining pool and pit to provide users with one-stop liquid mining service so as to satisfy users’ multiple demands for business around the world. BOP is characterized by high flexibility, freedom and convenience, so users can charge cold wallet USDT to make mining profits at node or acquire investment reward from block-chain financial projects of investment company, or realize one-touch conversion and extract profits. The current market is faced with tremendous transformation, BOP is committed to help users participate in mining at low threshold. BOP mining pool created brand-new DeFi mining and unsecured mechanism, so everyone can participate in liquid mining whatever how high the currency price is. Everyone can participate in liquid mining with lowest amount of currency. As long as the number of people involved increases, the community promotion will be very easy. The interconnection of miner and user help form a continued circle and acquire DeFi dividend at the first time. BOP has complete business landing model and its secure, stable and long-lasting mining mechanism will bring new changes to mining industry. 

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Country: Thailand


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