How to choose a stainless steel mixing tank

How do we choose the right stainless steel mixing tank for our use?

Wenzhou, China, 20th Mar 2022, King News Wire, The stainless steel mixing tank is suitable for reaction in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The tank can be made into a honeycomb jacket, a coil jacket or a whole jacket, and can be heated and cooled. It is also the ideal equipment for filtering, clarifying and purifying all kinds of liquids. So, how do we choose the right stainless steel mixing tank for our use? Today I will explain to you one or two.

How to choose a stainless steel mixing tank for use

The stainless steel mixing tank is leak-free, fully enclosed, corrosion-resistant and energy-saving. Due to its non-contact torque transfer instead of static seal dynamic seal, solve the leakage problem that other shaft seal can not overcome. Therefore the equipment has the following properties and characteristics.


1、Stainless steel stirring tanks and storage tanks have the same or different forms of head structure in the form of jacket or a single combination of different requirements as indicated in the structure of the device.

2, Magnetic stirring device is divided into magnetic stirrer and on the magnetic stirrer magnetic stirring of suitable capacity and high torque device. Under magnetic stirring, the capacity is less than the high hygienic requirements of the device.

3、The structure adopts standard quick chuck, material is imported 316L or 304, inner surface mirror polishing Ra≤0.28 micron, outer surface grinding sand or mirror polishing.

4、Material: cylinder 304 and 316L. Level meters are available as flat level meter, glass level meter, static pressure sensor level meter and ultrasonic level meter.

Stainless steel stirring tank can be specific treatment, stainless steel stirring tank jacket can be divided into coils, full jacket and honeycomb plate according to customer requirements. The insulation can be rock wool, polyurethane foam, pearl cotton filling according to customer requirements, the shell can also be polished or and matt treatment according to customer requirements.


The above is the introduction of the performance characteristics of stainless steel mixing tank, later if you want to know more products, you can continue to pay attention to our website updates

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