BRUNO INU – The path of an innovative meme coin Towards a High Utility Ecosystem

12th Mar 2022, (King News Wire) Bruno INU emerges as one of the latest DeFi innovations, that merge a creative, innovative spirit powered by the rise of meme coins, in conjunction with a strong drive to build a high utility ecosystem. The project was created in January 2022, with the overarching goal of being a decentralised meme project that serves a higher purpose in contrast to its alternatives. Overall, the BRUNO INU token facilitates community ownership and active maintenance of the ecosystem.


Underlying values of BRUNO INU

Moving forward, BRUNO INU places a great emphasis on the power of its community, as it does not have any owners, shareholders, promoters or any authoritative figures that control the governance of the initiative.

In all instances, BRUNO INU encourages free, open, and candid contact among community supporters so that anybody interested may stay updated and even participate in every stage of BRUNO INU’s development! Numerous, autonomous, self-managing group initiatives are under development, whereas community self-management, and other areas are strongly supported.

While the project shares the common humoristic and fresh spirit with meme projects such as Dogecoin and SHIBA INU, BRUNO INU aims to leverage its forces in order to create an initiative with solid, real-world utilities. Trust is critical in the blockchain environment, thus this requires complete transparency in all aspects of community support and development, as well as any security effort. These include rigorous audits of BRUNO INU’s code and long-term locking of liquidity tokens to limit the risk of malicious threats significantly. The smart contracts leveraged by BRUNO INU ensure a high degree of security since they are open-source, permanent and non-immutable. 

BRUNO Token – the key to the BRUNO Ecosystem

Being the main driver of the BRUNO ecosystem, the BRUNO token is strictly a utility token under any jurisdiction. Hence, it cannot be considered a security or regulated token in any manner, it is not comparable to e-money or additional fiat assets or stablecoins. This meme token based on the ERC20 standard stimulates and encourages healthy and broad use and the decentralisation of the project via the implementation of a special reward mechanism tied to user transactions using decentralised wallets.

The maximum supply is one trillion, and one of the cryptocurrency’s primary features is its decentralised use incentives and financing method. The deflationary methods used by $BRUNO include a burn and redistribute scheme. A 1% $BRUNO incentive is paid to holders’ decentralised wallets for each active user transaction, promoting a healthy distributed network and community use and sending 8% in Ethereum to the development wallet. The more actively used $BRUNO is, the more incentives are provided.

Source: Trading View

Overall, $BRUNO enables people to engage with Bruno Exchange in order to employ its tools and governance. Hence, it serves as the governance and utility token that connects users and meme tokens on Ethereum platforms, uplifting communities to shape and congregate in order to build a more inclusive and decentralised environment.

Numerous fully independent enthusiasts and supporters are regularly adding BRUNO liquidity pools and listings to various exchanges, including UniSwap, Shiba Swap, Sushi Swap, and Bruno Swap.

Exploring the Units of the BRUNO INU Ecosystem

Since its inception, BRUNO INU has guaranteed a fair launch without manipulation, whales, or team tokens. Ultimately, BRUNO’s mission is to leverage the innovations of popular cryptocurrency concepts and bring forward the utility into the mainstream and provide a seamless and productive experience for its community members. BRUNO’s offerings will be linked together to provide a large, complex, and entertaining ecosystem in which one product complements the others.  While other projects rely on older technological paradigms, BRUNO brings forward next-generation innovations, including Hyper Advanced Swap, Redistribution Tracker, RugChecker, decentralised exchanges and a plethora of additional high-end tech items.

The Bruno Hyper Advanced Swap is a decentralised exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap any ERC20 token for another token on the platform. As a result, it is driven by Uniswap, 1inch, and other APIs to provide the most powerful Swap on DeFi currently available. It also serves as the basis upon which BRUNO INU will create further features and use-cases for every BRUNO INU holder.

On the BRUNO platform, it is possible to identify the differences between two tokens in terms of their market capitalisations, token fees, hazards, volatility, and other security aspects. Many APIs, including Etherscan, Dextools, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap, are employed to run the platform.

Furthermore, the Hyper Advanced Rug Checker is paramount the top-tier information on what is presently accessible, facilitated by the automated audit draws on a variety of data sources.

Moreover, the Redistribution Tracker enables users to keep track of the statistics for their favourite tokens over the course of a day or week. Distribution, awards, profitability, volume, the current USD value, the total balance, and other metrics are included in the statistics.

Token Analytics represent some paramount tools utilised to compare and contrast various tokens and make data-driven judgments about your everyday investing activities. It will be powered by Uniswap’s program and will provide new capabilities such as a distribution of holders, among other things. Holders will be placed into one of five tiers: Kraken, Whale, Shark, Pufferfish, and Shrimp, depending on their position.

Embarking on the Path of Innovation with BRUNO INU

Through the use of blockchain technology, the BRUNO community will benefit from the most recent technological developments accessible while capitalising on the long-term resilience of the system. This decentralised community promotes the long-term growth of the ecosystem, resulting in real-world applications, increased rewards, and a level of popularity that will outlast any passing fads. While working toward those objectives, the project owners remain flexible and open to recommendations from the community. They have taken it upon themselves to create the ideal experience of blockchain technology from the ground up.

Without a doubt, BRUNO INU will bring many more surprises in its pursuit to build a high utility ecosystem. Are you willing to be a part of this radical transformation in the decentralised  system? Learn more about BRUNO INU by accessing the following links:

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