YachtX Coin – Transforming Traveling Post Pandemic To Be Affordable and Better with Crypto

No matter how much one desires to travel, the ground reality is that no trip ever starts without hunting for the best discounts over the web. Many have accepted that a good deal demands blood and sweat. But that’s not ideally how it should work and looks like someone the traveler’s cry for better deals. The Crypto Verse!

Cryptocurrencies have transformed several industries, including Travel, Aviation, and Hospitality. Broadly, the adoption of cryptocurrencies has shown promising gains in the last few months by wider acceptance by these industries. It is, in essence, reconstructing the idea of traveling for both businesses as well as travelers.

Adopting cryptocurrencies is enabling travelers to get cheaper deals without compromising service quality. On the other hand, it is helping businesses retain customers without ripping their pockets. One such coin that is pioneering the revolution of the travel industry is the YachtX coin. YachtX Coin is focused on getting travelers the best possible discounts with no hidden cost. YachtX is a high-end exclusive yacht life currency that aims to shape your dream holiday with its mind-blowing discounts on travel and accommodation. Along with a better deal, the platform also offers travelers a sum amount of NFTs/YachtX tokens that can be later redeemed for discounts. Users can book flights, accommodation, travel arrangements, and more with these rewards.

The idea behind YachtX coin is to render a cryptographically developed safe and secure platform. The platform will not only facilitate transactions and settlement between the members of YachtX Ecosystem but also to service providers or travel agencies. While Gen Z is the easiest to persuade, they are the toughest to retain. As someone who owns a travel business, it is essential to consider ways that can assure recurring income sources, and there is no better way than offering reward policies and loyalty programs with platforms like YachtX.

YachtX has partnered with a number of vendors in the tourism sector to fetch the best deal for its users. With a top chain of Hotels, Luxurious Yacht, and Airlines deals in the pipeline, the platform aims to provide its customers a premium leisure experience at affordable prices.

YachtX’s mission is to get people traveling again by making it easy to plan, pay for and afford luxury travel. YachtX’s vision is to eliminate the complexity and overhead cost of luxury travel in the travel and tourism industry. By providing a single cryptocurrency for international travel, as well as the associated membership discount program, YachtX aims to serve luxury travelers and the travel industry and get people back to enjoying, rather than planning, their travel experience.

Successful launch

YachtX had a super successful launch on 27th February 2022, and it sold 100% of its initial offering to Big Rock Private Capital (A renowned investment fund from Dubai). This was due to our heavily endorsed marketing planning, and with appropriate gestures, YachtX coin was able to have a tremendous initial opening on PancakeSwap. During the first few minutes of launch, YachtX coin obtained liquidity of $342.51K with a Volume 24H of $694.26K, and transaction 24H was 166. In less than 24hrs from the launch date and time, YachtX coin is already showing significant growth in terms of their Liquidity, Volume in 24H, and transactions 24H, which is $622.06k in liquidity, $4.21M in Volume in 24H, and over 1.94K transactions made in 24H.

YachtX has had the success that is bigger than just numbers. Being a people-centric project, YachtX has managed to grow a sizable community on Telegram. With numerous developments underway, YachtX is set to launch its own application. The tourism revolution has just begun, and now is the best time for you to join.

To learn more about YachtX coin, visit https://yachtxcoin.com/.

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