Mecha Morphing launching IDO with Polkastarter

The Mecha Morphing project is about to have its highly anticipated exclusive IDO launch with Polkastarter this March. The public raise will be for $400,000 with a maximum of $250 per user. The team has already raised $3.5million with an impressive roster of partners, including YGG SEA, Shima Capital, Sfermion, and Good Game Guild.

The Mecha Morphing team started the project to address the issues that they saw in the gamefi space including playability. In the first world of the game, the team will be releasing five game modes to allow the players to choose which way they’d like to earn.

  1. PVE – Players will be allocated stamina points each day. They may use these stamina points to take their characters into battle. If they are successful at this AI generated battle, they can earn drops based on their performance.
  2. PVP Loot Mode – In the Mecha Morphing metaverse, players will have the opportunity to invest in land NFTs. They may then reap the benefits of the resources that the land produces over time. However, this does not come without risks. Other players can join together to form a team that attacks the land in an attempt to steal those resources in a skill-based battle. If the looting team is successful, they share the resources that the land produces for a certain amount of time. If they are unsuccessful, the team must pay an inconvenience fee to the owner of the land. In this case, the land owner also gains the benefits of boosted resources that the land produces for a certain timeframe.
  3. PVP Arena – The arena is where there will be regular PVP skill based tournaments held. Players may also challenge each other to duels in the arena. Aside from the warriors that partake in the battles, anyone in the metaverse can come and support their favorite warriors by betting on the battle.
  4. Bounty – These are smart contracts between players that have a predetermined reward in the agreement. This allows players to offset tasks that they may not want to do, and it will also create an additional revenue stream for players that want to pick up these contracts.
  5. Forging System – Players come to the workshop to level up their mecha and weapons. The higher you level your forging skills, the higher the chance of better stats. This can also be a profitable way to create income in the marketplace.

Upcoming in the roadmap, Mecha Morphing will have INOs with Babylon, Wowarriors and Baby Swap on March 7 and they will also have an INO with Altura on March 22.

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