A new business that makes it simple for everyone to get into Crypto is planning to launch very soon

This exciting new business is using a blend of new tech and old school know-how. Cryptocurrencies are a new and exiting space that is gaining greater adoption. Countries like El Salvador are already using Bitcoin as a currency with more & more countries looking to follow in their footsteps, every day.

The business allows’, non crypto users to get into crypto without all the usual requirements and without any of the hassle. Crypto wallets and exchange accounts are not needed.

They are a new startup from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and these are a few of the great new things that they are offering.

Firstly they believe that crypto is for everyone and not just for a few. So they allow everyone to have a real interest in crypto and to share that with their friends. They are offering cryptocurrency backed gift cards which are fully backed by real cryptocurrencies. Unlike other gift cards the gift card value moves with the price of the corresponding cryptocurrency. So it’s a bit like having crypto without having the hassle. And the best thing is that the crypto in a gift card can be easily shared with other people who don’t have a crypto wallet or an exchange account. Giftedcrypto looks after all the tech in the background and users just need to choose, buy and send. It can all be done in a couple of minutes.

For special occasions, like Birthdays, Mothers day and Easter, users can choose from the variety of gift card templates which they have available. Now they are not forgetting those people who do have some experience & who have a crypto wallet already. So they allow existing crypto users to buy crypto gift cards and send them to their friends, by a simple crypto transfer straight from the giftedcrypto website.

Something to keep in mind is that cryptocurrency markets can skyrocket and also they can drop very quickly. So for those who like to play it safe, they can buy a stable coin gift card which is fixed to the U.S Dollar. This way the gift card will always be worth the value paid for it. But for the more adventurous, they can enjoy the fluctuations and potential rise or fall in the value of the crypto gift card by buying a standard moving rate gift card.

They also offer things like, staking of gift cards. So buyers of a gift card who hold it without redeeming it for up to a year (or longer if they wish) can receive up to 20% p.a, in rewards on top of the gift card’s value.

Like always, they offer other member benefits which can be found  at their website – https://www.giftedcrypto.io

With 50% of the profits from the gift card transaction fees they are buying carbon credits in Australia to offset crypto community emissions.  The high use of electricity by crypto miners has been a real issue, with some countries like China banning crypto mining due to the excessive electricity usage. Now crypto is looking at more efficient use of power, like moving to proof of stake from proof of work, and new tech being developed that uses much less power with coins like Mina and H-bar. But while newer, leaner tech for the crypto industry is being developed there needs to be a way to reduce the crypto carbon footprint today, and Giftedcrypto is doing exactly that, in real and meaningful ways.


Well, how can everyone get involved?

The first thing is to go to their website. Then buy as a guest or join and become a member to keep track of all purchases. They also offer other benefits for joining which are detailed on their website.

Choose the gift card from the many different templates they have for all occasions on their website. Choose a gift card from the well known coins like Bitcoin, to meme coins like Doge or one of the many other gift cards. The next step is for the payment to be completed, by a bank transfer or, by using cryptocurrency via a wallet. They will send the crypto gift card directly via email, to the purchaser or the recipients email address, once the funds have cleared.

To find out more, attached are the Giftedcrypto details below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Giftedcrypto
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: info@giftedcrypto.io
Country: Australia
Website: https://www.giftedcrypto.io

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